Claudia Louch’s Harley Street Nutrition Clinic

Leading London nutritionist and health scientist Claudia Louch works from the Claudia Louch Harley Street Nutrition Clinic in London’s premier medical centre at Number 10 Harley Street, and is a world-renowned weight loss specialist.

The Claudia Louch Harley Street Nutrition Clinic specialises in weight management and specifically in the exclusive Set Point Diet, which is not a ‘fad’ diet and instead respects the individual’s body, making weight loss not only achievable through normal food intake, but also sustainable in the long-term. Claudia Louch’s weight loss programme is at the cutting edge of scientific Research, taking into account specific weight related hormones such as leptin and ghrelin.

Claudia Louch also specialises in improving health through Nutrition and Phytomedicine, and addresses all weight concerns to include not only weight loss, but also weight gain, weight maintenance, eating disorders, as well as the treatment of hormone, digestive and immune-related illnesses, using Phytomedicine instead of conventional drugs.

The clinic is at the cutting edge of modern research, and full health checks, including gene and hormone testing is available to patients to improve the outcome of their customised diet plans.

Claudia counts many national and international celebrities amongst her patient list and contributes to numerous newspapers, magazines and TV programmes, from the Sunday Telegraph to BBC2 documentary The Supersizers.

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